Danville Mass Transit

Rider Code of Conduct

In the interest of promoting a safe and pleasant journey for all those aboard DMT buses, all passengers are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct.

The following behaviors are not tolerated and will result in your immediate removal and loss of riding privileges:

  1. Refusal to pay the proper fare.
  2. Conduct that delays or disrupts bus service.
  3. Verbal abuse of DMT employees and riders.
  4. Making threats and committing acts of physical violence.
  5. Loitering in facilities and aboard DMT buses.
  6. Possession, consumption, or influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  7. Using profane language.
  8. Defacing or damaging DMT property and equipment.
  9. Engaging in lewd or obscene behavior.


  1. Paying the proper fare is required. In the case of a fare dispute, please pay what the driver recommends and then contact the DMT office to settle the dispute.
  2. Show proper identification to the driver every time for free or reduced fare. Drivers may confiscate expired DMT-issued identification.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing, including shirt and shoes.
  4. Stay behind the yellow line and remain seated or secure until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  5. Keep conversations and use of cell phones at a reasonable volume.
  6. Keep volume of electronic devices at a level that does not disturb other riders; use earphones at a low volume.
  7. No animals except service animals are allowed aboard DMT buses.
  8. Soliciting money or distributing literature is not allowed.
  9. Bring aboard only those packages which you can carry in one trip and hold on your lap or store under the seat.
  10. Lying down or otherwise occupying more than one seat is not allowed.


  1. Smoking, drinking, or eating
  2. Weapons and firearms
  3. Flammable or explosive materials, including car batteries
  4. Using profanity
  5. Wearing clothes soiled with body fluids (blood, urine, feces)


  1. Do not smoke within 15 feet of the entrance to buses and facilities.
  2. Maintain good personal hygiene.
  3. Cover your mouth when coughing to avoid spreading disease.
  4. Keep children quiet and seated aboard the bus.
  5. Do not hold the bus for riders who are not at the bus stop.
  6. Have your fare and identification (for free or reduced fare) ready when you board.
  7. Avoid talking on your cell phone while paying your fare.
  8. Reserve seats at front of bus for elderly and disabled riders.
  9. Use the waste receptacle provided on the bus. Don’t leave litter on buses, in facilities, or at bus stops.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings at the bus stop and on the bus, including the nearest exit.
  2. Do not touch or move a suspicious package or substance. Report these to your bus driver immediately.
  3. Keep personal belongings in your possession, and don’t accept items from strangers.
  4. Report suspicious behavior to your bus driver. If you are unable to notify the driver, call 911.
  5. If you must cross the street after exiting the bus, wait for the bus to depart the stop before you cross (never cross in front of the bus).
  6. Notify the driver if you need to remove a bicycle from the bike rack.
  7. Public safety is everyone’s responsibility. Do your part to make it a safe trip!

DMT reserves the right to modify and amend this Code of Conduct at any time. Please contact the DMT Office at 217-431-0653 for additional information.

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Call (217) 431-0653, 5:00AM to 9:45PM Monday to Friday, 6:30AM to 7:15PM Saturdays.

DMT Office: 101 N. Jackson, Danville, Open 6:00AM to 5:20PM Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM Saturday.

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