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Bike Racks on Buses

DMT buses are equipped with a bike rack on the front. The rack can hold up to two bikes at one time. There is no additional cost to use the bike rack. Bicycles are not allowed inside the bus.

How to Load Your Bike

  • Make sure there are no loose items such as water bottles or air pumps attached to the bike.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • When the driver opens the door, let him or her know you will be using the bike rack. The driver will set the parking brake and indicate when it is safe to step in front of the bus.
  • When instructed by the driver, pull down the bike rack mounted on the front of the bus by squeezing the handle and lowering the rack.
  • Load your bike using the slots closest to the bus first.
  • Secure the bicycle by raising the support arm to the top of the front tire of your bike.
  • Never go near the traffic side of the bus, as other vehicles passing the bus may not be able to see you.
  • Board the bus.

How to Unload Your Bike

  • As the bus approaches the stop, tell the driver that you need to unload your bicycle. Exit the bus using the front door.
  • Wait until the driver sets the parking brake and indicates it is safe to step in front of the bus.
  • Unlock your bike from the front of the bus by removing and lowering the support arm from the tire.
  • Lift your bike out of the rack and place it on the sidewalk.
  • If no one is waiting to load a bike, or if there are no other bikes in the rack, return the rack to its upright position until it locks in place.
  • Inform the driver that you are finished unloading and step back to the sidewalk.

Safety Tips

  • Let the driver know if you need assistance.
  • Always maintain eye contact with the driver while loading and unloading a bike.
  • Avoid kneeling or squatting in front of the bus.
  • Be watchful of other traffic in the street, especially vehicles that may try to pass the bus while it is stopped. Stay away from the street-side of the bus.
  • As a safety precaution, wait until the bus pulls away before getting on your bicycle.
  • Always wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle.
  • Children age 12 and under may use the rack only when accompanied by an adult.


The City of Danville and Danville Mass Transit cannot be held responsible for damage to bicycles while they are in the bike rack, or for bicycles that are left on the rack by the passenger upon their departure from the bus.
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